31 Days – A New Adventure!

Way back in early summer, I spotted an opportunity that looked like a fun challenge. I was invited to join a group of fellow bloggers and write — and post — something every day during the month of October. How fun! I thought. I can do that no problem! It’ll be great! And besides, October is waaaaaaay far out there many turns of the calendar away! I’ll have lots of time! And inspiration! Sign me up!

I even ordered the tee shirt. A tank top, no less. Because it was early summer and what else was I going to be wearing for the next four months?

So somehow life went into some extreme fast forward mode, the way it insists on doing at times, and today I’m saying, Today. Is. October. The intimate group of fellow bloggers has swelled to something over 1400 members, all of whom have to be better prepared than I am for this adventure. They have topics. Buttons. Linkys. Some have all 31 posts written already! Color me intimidated and overwhelmed, yes indeed.

But I am doing this anyway. I have no one to impress. The one person whom I know reads this blog faithfully will like me no matter what happens on the other side of this challenge. I picked a topic after great consideration (which strongly resembled procrastination, almost like they’re related) and then, as if it were laughing at me, my topic picked me.

Here’s what I picked: “31 Lessons From Life Outside The Box.” I liked it. Those of you who know me know my life, and career path, have been rather non-traditional. I figured I could share 31 lessons from the school of hard knocks, from which I am earning a terminal degree, apparently.

And here’s the topic that picked me: “The Golden Rules: 31 Life Lessons Learned From Copper.”

Why the change? Got a month? I won’t just tell you…I’ll let Copper show you.

Copper, 9 weeks old

Copper, 9 weeks old

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