The Value of Other People’s Time

Golden Rule #21: Always Be Prompt.

I grew up in a parsonage. In those years, you weren’t on time unless you were early. I didn’t really grasp that very well, and my response, when asked if I was ready, was usually “Almost!”

That, by the way, is not the right answer.

Now, in business, I work with people who are not on time unless they are early. (Karma, and not the doggie kind.) I have learned to respect and embody this quality. Am I always early? Well…no. Do I feel better when I am? Absolutely.

Punctuality is a huge tell about someone’s approach to themselves, their work, and other people. It shows respect for other people’s time. It shows that you know how to manage your own time, and even anticipate situations that might cause you to be late. I’m sure there’s an actual name for the anxiety associated with the prospect of being late. I did a little cursory research and all that did was generate anxiety about researching anxiety. So just trust me: it’s a real thing.

Copper runs on an internal clock that tells him when it’s time to get up with me in the morning, when to curl up on the bath mat outside the shower, when to go to the laundry room and stare at his leash (time for a walk!), when to nudge his food bowl hopefully, when to gently ring the bells on the back door to go outside, when to tap the freezer door with utmost care when he wants doggy ice cream, when it’s time to brush his teeth at night…he takes his cues from his environment, for sure, but he has a clock that nudges him forward. He is always, always ready to go on an adventure! And trust me: Copper is never late. 🙂

copper leashed up and ready to go!

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