To Thine Own Self Be…Appropriate

Golden Rule #22: Appearance Does Matter.

Maybe it’s a Southern thing, this idea that we can roll into a place just as casual as anything and it’s going to be okay. In some cases, that’s perfectly fine. But your appearance always says something about you, whether you want it to or not.

I’ve had prospective team members show up for interviews in cargo shorts. I’ve had colleagues arrive on construction sites in flip flops. I’ve encountered clients at the beach when neither of us was dressed for the office. And while that’s all well and good, I think the word “appropriate” is important. A job interview isn’t a great time to make a bold statement with your personal appearance — unless it’s a really positive impression. And nobody expects you to be in suits and ties at the beach. There’s nothing to be proved by dressing as informally as possible, or by doing the minimum when it comes to your personal appearance. I’m not saying be obsessive. I’m saying, be appropriate.

What has Copper taught me about appearance? He’s taught me to be authentic. Whether he’s coming out of the grooming salon or parading through the house sporting every leaf that ever fell in the back yard, he’s thoroughly himself. He doesn’t put on airs. He doesn’t check his breath when he encounters a doggy friend on his walks. He doesn’t duck around another block hoping nobody sees him looking like he looks. He’s quite proud of his appearance, no matter how he actually looks.

copper over the shoulder look

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